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“You don't have to be Square”

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I’m back! I thought that I would talk about something that most people don’t talk about and that is the versatile carpet tile.The carpet tile has been mostly used in commercial applications. In high-traffic areas which include businesses, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, airports and hotels. With today’s styles and patterns people are actually installing them in their residential homes (basements, attics, playrooms and offices).

They come in almost every color you can imagine so you can custom design your job with multi colors. They can be laid out to create a zig-zag, herringbone or checkerboard pattern along with many others. If you can imagine it, it can be done.

One thing that is especially nice about carpet tile is its durability. In offices where there is constant movement of rolling chairs, high traffic, mail carts and equipment, the carpet tile holds up.Yes, it can be ruined by spills, chemicals and wear, but due to its installation you can just pop out the damaged tile and replace it with a new one. Which can drastically cut down on your maintenance costs which you can’t do with broadloom carpet. Installation can be either glue down or with a product called Tac.Tiles (which is a square that is clear and sticks to the corners of the tiles and the floor.

We sell a lot of carpet tile here at Elegant Floors. We deal with most of the larger distributors for carpet tile. They include:

  • Interface
  • J&J Flooring
  • Shaw Industries
  • Mohawk
  • Forbo
The tiles come in a range of sizes, 24”x 24”, 36” x 36”, 12”x 12”and in plank styles 12” x 36” etc…So you don’t have to be square.

This month I have included a picture with my blog showing you a job we did this summer for Berlin Elementary School using carpet tile. Don’t you wish your school looked as fun as this one?

So, now that I have got you thinking about carpet tile stop by and see us at 2785 Shelburne Road.

Happy Fall!

Blog > "Full speed ahead"

"Full speed ahead"

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School is out and we’re going to summer school. We are in the midst of it. Sean is up to his eyeballs in coordinating installers, ordering and receiving product and getting the jobs done before school starts.

Yes! Summer is here. We are rather busy on the commercial side of the business right now.Summer is the time when the building and renovations happen in the northeast. Why? Because it’s probably the only time snow won’t happen. (hopefully). We are installing new flooring in 3 schools right now and they are big jobs. You should see the product that has been coming through the warehouse doors.VCT, carpet tiles, carpet, adhesive and lots of cove base.

Retail has also been busy. People are finally engaging in their projects that they have been researching all winter. We are selling a lot of COREtec right now. COREtec that fabulous product that looks like wood, is 100% waterproof, clicks together, is cork backed and installs over almost everything. It is a Luxury Vinyl Product that people love.
1.) because of the many variations of the product.
2.) its ease of installation.
3.) its sound deadening quality.
4.) it’s waterproof
5.) its cost point and
6.) durability.

Once installed the customer is thrilled. They love the look and the variation within the product. Whoever invented COREtec knew they had a product that the people would like and the market would demand. We can’t say enough good things about this product.

If you are looking for an option for your basement, kitchen, mudroom, bathroom or the room over the garage, just stop by the store and see what the Coretec line has to offer.

Gotta go, we just had a truck pull in with another load. Enjoy your summer and when the kids go back to school check out the floors, we just might have been there.

Blog > Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

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It came! It really came! Spring is here! We are sitting here in the store with the doors open to let the fresh air in. It’s in the 70’s for now but in 2 days it will be back down to the 50’s. But don’t we all like a little tease now and then? The calendar says it’s spring. We sprung ahead and the next door neighbors finally took down their Christmas wreath… that says Springtime in Vermont.

It’s time for spring cleaning and sprucing up the place. To go along with that, Mohawk is running their “Love your Floor” sale. Feel like making a change and add some color to your life? This is the time to do it. The SmartStrand Silk and Forever Clean lines are on sale. With a rebate up to $500.00. 

These are their top quality styles. The softest, most stain resistant, pet protected along with durability. Your toes will curl when you walk on your new carpet installed with a ½” Smart cushion pad. You might even roll around on the floor and or take a nap. Wouldn’t that just be great to add a little something new to the abode.

Along with carpet they also have selected ceramic tile and hardwood on sale. Maybe you want to spruce up the entryway or kitchen. Maybe even a bath? Please come in and see what we have to offer during this sale. Michelle and Sean are the masters of their craft. They can help you with color, choice of product, and design. Oh yeah, I’ll be here too. I’m still considered a rookie but I will give you my 100 percent of what I know. 

So, I gave you a little something the think about and you have from April 14 – May 30 to take advantage of the sale. Please stop by our showroom and look at what we have to offer. We are here Monday thru Friday from 9-6 and Saturday 9-3. Hope to see you soon. 


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It’s been a while since I have updated you on what’ going on at Elegant Floors. We are still plugging along like a well-oiled machine. February was busy for us. Selling carpet to hardwood and lots of tile. The installers are happy that they haven’t had that winter break that usually happens at this time of year. Sean is glad that we haven’t had any major set- backs as far as getting product to fulfill the projects.  The winter weather in the most part has cooperated, and we haven’t had any delays.

It’s now March and the time when people start thinking about spring projects, remodeling and even building during the warmer seasons.  This weekend, the Vermont Home Show happened along with the Flower Show.  The shows were crowded so that says that people are interested in doing something and hopefully that involves remodeling a bathroom, finishing a basement, sprucing up the house with new carpet or hardwood or a new back splash for the kitchen. 

Let’s talk a little bit about remodeling… we have a few customers right now that are in the process of remodeling their bathrooms (one is even putting in a dog shower) what a great idea! Rover will love it. There is a lot that goes into these projects. Not just picking out pretty tile and grout. But the construction of the job. Which usually involves a contractor and plumber along with installers and so forth. Even the smallest powder room can be a big project for some.  You have the coordination of the design and demolition, to the install and if you are actually living there, how will you continue to shower? One couple used the gym’s shower for a while. They got caught in the no shower scenario by choosing to do both bathrooms at the same time.  Oops! One was supposed to finish in time to avoid this, but there is always that final plumbing install.  In the end everything came together and they were extremely happy with the end result. 

From our end there are many steps to installing a new shower. First the design and size. Which is usually determined by the builder and customer. Sean follows up by measuring the job and we all help the customer with the tile selection. From there we order such things as Wedi board panels, shower bases, niches and Schluter bars. Along with Ditra, P151 thinset and 254 mortar. When everything arrives, Sean coordinates the whole project with the customer/contractor and the installer to make the magic happen. 

At the end we see the customer walk in with a smile on their face and a picture on their phone with the final result. Sean is extremely happy that the customers (now friends) are thrilled. Then on to the next project, hopefully yours?
Blog > Happy **2017**

Happy **2017**

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Well we just got done emptying out the old file drawers from 2016 and filling those drawers with new files for the beginning of the New Year. They are all so organized and waiting to be filled once again with new orders from all of the new projects that are in the works for us in 2017.

The anticipation of all the new customers, friends, and contractors that we will be able to assist with their flooring needs this year gets us excited.

Sean also went to the Mohawk convention in December and came back with new ideas on improving the showroom. We will be sprucing up the tile area. Making it easier to select tiles with the new display.  We will also be tidying up the wood and laminate display. So that means cleaning out dusty corners and cluttered shelves for a fresh look for the new year.

Beyond the four walls of the store we are keeping busy with a new residential community in Milton. You should have seen all the pallets of tile that came into the warehouse. The boys got a work out moving all that product and installing it. We are also starting a new job in Burlington at an old orphanage that is being converted into apartments.  That will keep Larry busy through the winter.  And my beloved Vet will be building a much larger facility in Mallet’s Bay. It is going to be called a hospital now instead of a clinic.  They have outgrown their space and need more room to take care of all of their furry and not so furry clients. Since my dog goes there I have a special attachment to this project.  We have a few others out there also that are keeping all the installers busy.
Residential is holding its own for this time of year. We are installing some Coretec in a family mud and utility room, new hardwood and tile at a condo in Winooski, Marmoleum tile in a kitchen in Shelburne (you should see the colors: bright red called bleekerstreet and orange called red copper) laid out in a diamond pattern so cool. We are also carpeting quite a few bedrooms and basements along with living rooms in the area. We even went to Lake Eden.

So with what is considered to be the slow time of year for construction and renovations we are staying busy. I am still fairly new to the flooring industry so I am being constantly challenged and amazed at the ever changing times. No day is the same.  I learn something new every day and for 2017 I commit to keeping you up to date on the latest products, what we are doing and introduce you to some of the staff.  Happy New Year from our corner in Vermont.
Blog > Let’s talk about Preverco Hardwood

Let’s talk about Preverco Hardwood

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Well it’s 3 degrees outside, but the showroom is nice and toasty. We’re in the midst of the Holidays. Customers wanting to get that room finished before their guests show up. So Sean is moving at warp speed to make sure this all happens. We at Elegant Floors just want to keep our promise to the people and do our best to provide you with the highest quality products and Preverco hardwood is one of those products.

Chris our sales rep for Preverco has been in the store for the last 3 hours making our display look beautiful. Also entertaining us with his sparkling personality and making us laugh. Now let’s talk about hardwood flooring. Preverco is top quality. The wood choices are Maple, Red Oak, Yellow Birch and others. Available in many stains and finishes. Available in many platforms including Solid Classic, Engenius, PreLoc, SolidFlex and SolidGenius. Board widths range from 2 ¼ “ to 5 3/16” and you have a variety of lengths in a box ranging from 18” to 72”.

Here in New England hardwood is very popular. Solid is sought by most because of its long standing tradition but we are seeing a trend in engineered hardwood flooring too. The benefits of the using an engineered hardwood floor is you can install a radiant heating system to keep those piggies nice and warm.

Preverco is a Canadian company in Quebec using only the best manufacturing practices on all their products. It is a quarter sawn product which makes the floor much more durable and less resistant to swelling and shrinking. Installation is either done by nailing down, gluing down or floating depending on your needs. This really is not a DYI project unless you are a contractor, handyman, an installer or just plain awesome. If you need help – just call us!

We have been doing quite a few installations lately, in South Burlington, Essex Junction, Shelburne and Westport, New York. All the customers have only have great things to say and are happy with their investment.

​I love the thought of wood in a home it makes the space feel comforting or modern depending on your style. And the beauty of the floor with variations or pure it just says your home. I guess the only thing left to say is please stop by our showroom and checkout the beautiful display on Preverco hardwood flooring, you’ll be glad you did.



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Sean wants to share this picture for all of you to view the spectacular tile install that we just did at the Union Bank in Jeffersonville, Vermont. He is so proud of the installer for being able to mimic the overhead light fixture with a porcelain tile.
The installer did a little homework on how to get the octagon shape perfect. (He is certainly better at geometry than I ever was). Larry knows his stuff and that is why he does what he does.
We install a lot of tile here at Elegant Floors. Both ceramic and porcelain along with glass. Tile is timeless and the wear is immeasurable. It is very versatile and used for many applications. Floors, showers, countertops, backsplashes and fireplace surrounds. I myself live with a mosaic patterned tile that was installed in the 1980”s and still looks modern today in my bathroom. 

With today’s tile products you can create almost anything that you can imagine. The colors and sizes make most designer’s dreams come true.  With some resembling wood grain, marble and natural stone. And the textures: smooth and glossy to a natural texture and matte finish.

Lately we have been installing quite a few bathrooms in the Stowe area. Using tiles in a 4’X8’ shower. With most of these tiles being imported from Spain. If I get pictures I will share them with you.
There is also a beautiful lake house in Shelburne that has a very impressive master bath. Using plank tiles and 2x2” tiles in marble and porcelain.  With the glass shower it looks like it should be in a design magazine. The walls are also covered in tile. You would be envious. I almost feel that it’s too pretty to use.

Some people bring up that the tile being cold. Yes, it can be in these New England winters. But you can have the option of installing radiant heat to keep those tootsies warm. Area rugs also add warmth and style to a room. 

The benefits outnumber the drawbacks. It is easy to maintain and clean, you can achieve the look you want and have great durability. Great for those mudrooms at this time of year. Just remember to leave your boots in the room.

So, if you would like to know more about tile stop by our Shelburne showroom which is only minutes from Burlington, So. Burlington, Essex and Charlotte.
Blog > Stanton Carpet Makes High-Quality Wool Area Rugs at a Great Price

Stanton Carpet Makes High-Quality Wool Area Rugs at a Great Price

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As I sit here at my desk, I am amazed at the phenomenal area rug deal Sean is offering to everyone for updating their home, condo, apartment or office.

We just received a shipment of 5’x7’ Stanton wool area rugs ranging in colors and patterns from Royal blue and Grey to chunky and soft neutrals. I am having trouble making up my mind on which one or two I want. I have hard-surface floors throughout my home and I find that Area Rugs really help in noise-reduction and making rooms seem more intimate. When I moved in to this house, I knew right away that I would need a few rugs. I saw some online but didn’t know if I’d actually like them without touching them. That’s why I love that our owner brought in such a great inventory of high-quality rugs to choose from. I want my area rug to not only be stylish but also soft underfoot and I'm sure you're the same. 

The cost of these beautiful rugs is only $75.00. So if you are thinking about adding something special to your room please stop by our store and select some for yourself.  We are in Shelburne, VT - and are conveniently located right in the heart of Chittenden County -  within driving distance to Richmond, St. Georgia, Vergennes and surrounding cities. Come in to our Floorscapes showroom for any of your Area Rug needs - or check out our vast selection of carpet, hardwood floors, luxury vinyl flooring or laminate ! We've got something for everyone!

  Sean will be keeping this price until they are sold out.
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Locations and Hours

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Shelburne Store

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2785 Shelburne Road Suite #1
Shelburne, Vermont 05482
Directions >
Monday - Friday
9:00am to 6:00pm
9:00am to 3:00pm or by appointment
P (802) 448-3486
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Our Showroom

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