School is out and we’re going to summer school. We are in the midst of it. Sean is up to his eyeballs in coordinating installers, ordering and receiving product and getting the jobs done before school starts.

Yes! Summer is here. We are rather busy on the commercial side of the business right now.Summer is the time when the building and renovations happen in the northeast. Why? Because it’s probably the only time snow won’t happen. (hopefully). We are installing new flooring in 3 schools right now and they are big jobs. You should see the product that has been coming through the warehouse doors.VCT, carpet tiles, carpet, adhesive and lots of cove base.

Retail has also been busy. People are finally engaging in their projects that they have been researching all winter. We are selling a lot of COREtec right now. COREtec that fabulous product that looks like wood, is 100% waterproof, clicks together, is cork backed and installs over almost everything. It is a Luxury Vinyl Product that people love.
1.) because of the many variations of the product.
2.) its ease of installation.
3.) its sound deadening quality.
4.) it’s waterproof
5.) its cost point and
6.) durability.

Once installed the customer is thrilled. They love the look and the variation within the product. Whoever invented COREtec knew they had a product that the people would like and the market would demand. We can’t say enough good things about this product.

If you are looking for an option for your basement, kitchen, mudroom, bathroom or the room over the garage, just stop by the store and see what the Coretec line has to offer.

Gotta go, we just had a truck pull in with another load. Enjoy your summer and when the kids go back to school check out the floors, we just might have been there.