Here I sit and wonder where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday I wrote telling you about us cleaning out the files to start 2017. It is almost over, the holiday season is here and we are talking about where to get our trees and what we are doing during this festive time.

Michelle, the flooring Diva, is going to get her tree over on Dorset Street where this has been a tradition for her for many years. (I have been known to have gotten a couple of mine from there over the years). She will also keep busy making her beautiful ornaments. She loves her glass and glitter. Those of us that have received one feel quite loved. I wish you could meet her. She is always in a good mood and has a smile on her face. And yes, she knows a lot about flooring.

I will be getting my tree at the Chittenden Cider Mill. They have a great selection and it always smells like the season. I will be keeping busy with sewing and baking. I always say every year that I’m going to cut back but still I always go overboard. It makes me smile and lights up my heart.

If you look at the picture it is the window boxes in front of the store. We keep it natural and simple. I think they look lovely. They’re not too Christmassy so they can last through the winter. And with the berries the birds come and dine on them through the season. It’s our way of giving back.

Let me think back over the year. It has been a good year for Elegant Floors. Sean has kept us busy with lots of commercial projects throughout the year and residential has also kept up. The product of the year I say would be COREtec for residential and Carpet tile for commercial side of the business. We certainly have had pallets upon pallets of both items come through the warehouse this year. We are thankful for all of our clients who chose Elegant Floors for their flooring needs.

In closing we here at Elegant Floors want to wish all of you a joyous Holiday Season and you will hear from us in 2018.

Sean, Michelle & Kim