Red, orange & yellow…. Are the colors we see when we look outside our showroom windows. The temperature has dropped and the air is crisp and it is fall in Vermont. Which means that there is a shift in business, with customers wanting to finish up their projects before the snow and holidays come around.

The in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving…let’s get new carpet in the guestroom, we have tile from the 70’s in the bathroom, do you think we have enough time to renovate before the holidays? My washer overflowed and my hardwood floors are warping…. This is just some of the projects going on in our retail side of the store.

On the commercial side business is booming. You should see the warehouse, if you can get in. We have so much inventory for these projects. Sean needed to buy a truckload of Coretec before the new tariffs went into effect. So he spends time every day moving it from one place to another to get to new inventory. It should all be gone in approximately a month.

Elegant Floors has established a deal with a general contractor over the summer where we will be the clients source for materials for their new construction. This is keeping us busy and it is exciting to be creating a new space for a new homeowner. They are coming in with all these new ideas and it is fun making this happen for them. Metallic tile, cork flooring in a yoga studio, wool carpets in the living area, glass tile in a backsplash, split pebble mosaic tile for a shower floor, and radiant heat systems to keep that tile warm on the tootsies. How much fun is that?

Well I think that I have shared most of the new news with what’s going on around here, and you’ll hear from me around the holidays enjoy the colors.