“You don't have to be Square”

“You don't have to be Square”

I’m back! I thought that I would talk about something that most people don’t talk about and that is the versatile carpet tile.The carpet tile has been mostly used in commercial applications. In high-traffic areas which include businesses, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, airports and hotels. With today’s styles and patterns people are actually installing them in their residential homes (basements, attics, playrooms and offices).

They come in almost every color you can imagine so you can custom design your job with multi colors. They can be laid out to create a zig-zag, herringbone or checkerboard pattern along with many others. If you can imagine it, it can be done.

One thing that is especially nice about carpet tile is its durability. In offices where there is constant movement of rolling chairs, high traffic, mail carts and equipment, the carpet tile holds up.Yes, it can be ruined by spills, chemicals and wear, but due to its installation you can just pop out the damaged tile and replace it with a new one. Which can drastically cut down on your maintenance costs which you can’t do with broadloom carpet. Installation can be either glue down or with a product called Tac.Tiles (which is a square that is clear and sticks to the corners of the tiles and the floor.

We sell a lot of carpet tile here at Elegant Floors. We deal with most of the larger distributors for carpet tile. They include:

  • Interface
  • J&J Flooring
  • Shaw Industries
  • Mohawk
  • Forbo
The tiles come in a range of sizes, 24”x 24”, 36” x 36”, 12”x 12”and in plank styles 12” x 36” etc…So you don’t have to be square.

This month I have included a picture with my blog showing you a job we did this summer for Berlin Elementary School using carpet tile. Don’t you wish your school looked as fun as this one?

So, now that I have got you thinking about carpet tile stop by and see us at 2785 Shelburne Road.

Happy Fall!