Well it’s 3 degrees outside, but the showroom is nice and toasty. We’re in the midst of the Holidays. Customers wanting to get that room finished before their guests show up. So Sean is moving at warp speed to make sure this all happens. We at Elegant Floors just want to keep our promise to the people and do our best to provide you with the highest quality products and Preverco hardwood is one of those products.

Chris our sales rep for Preverco has been in the store for the last 3 hours making our display look beautiful. Also entertaining us with his sparkling personality and making us laugh. Now let’s talk about hardwood flooring. Preverco is top quality. The wood choices are Maple, Red Oak, Yellow Birch and others. Available in many stains and finishes. Available in many platforms including Solid Classic, Engenius, PreLoc, SolidFlex and SolidGenius. Board widths range from 2 ¼ “ to 5 3/16” and you have a variety of lengths in a box ranging from 18” to 72”.

Here in New England hardwood is very popular. Solid is sought by most because of its long standing tradition but we are seeing a trend in engineered hardwood flooring too. The benefits of the using an engineered hardwood floor is you can install a radiant heating system to keep those piggies nice and warm.

Preverco is a Canadian company in Quebec using only the best manufacturing practices on all their products. It is a quarter sawn product which makes the floor much more durable and less resistant to swelling and shrinking. Installation is either done by nailing down, gluing down or floating depending on your needs. This really is not a DYI project unless you are a contractor, handyman, an installer or just plain awesome. If you need help – just call us!

We have been doing quite a few installations lately, in South Burlington, Essex Junction, Shelburne and Westport, New York. All the customers have only have great things to say and are happy with their investment.

​I love the thought of wood in a home it makes the space feel comforting or modern depending on your style. And the beauty of the floor with variations or pure it just says your home. I guess the only thing left to say is please stop by our showroom and checkout the beautiful display on Preverco hardwood flooring, you’ll be glad you did.