Where did we go?

It’s been a while since I have updated you on what’ going on at Elegant Floors. We are still plugging along like a well-oiled machine. February was busy for us. Selling carpet to hardwood and lots of tile. The installers are happy that they haven’t had that winter break that usually happens at this time of year. Sean is glad that we haven’t had any major set- backs as far as getting product to fulfill the projects.  The winter weather in the most part has cooperated, and we haven’t had any delays.

It’s now March and the time when people start thinking about spring projects, remodeling and even building during the warmer seasons.  This weekend, the Vermont Home Show happened along with the Flower Show.  The shows were crowded so that says that people are interested in doing something and hopefully that involves remodeling a bathroom, finishing a basement, sprucing up the house with new carpet or hardwood or a new back splash for the kitchen. 

Let’s talk a little bit about remodeling… we have a few customers right now that are in the process of remodeling their bathrooms (one is even putting in a dog shower) what a great idea! Rover will love it. There is a lot that goes into these projects. Not just picking out pretty tile and grout. But the construction of the job. Which usually involves a contractor and plumber along with installers and so forth. Even the smallest powder room can be a big project for some.  You have the coordination of the design and demolition, to the install and if you are actually living there, how will you continue to shower? One couple used the gym’s shower for a while. They got caught in the no shower scenario by choosing to do both bathrooms at the same time.  Oops! One was supposed to finish in time to avoid this, but there is always that final plumbing install.  In the end everything came together and they were extremely happy with the end result. 

From our end there are many steps to installing a new shower. First the design and size. Which is usually determined by the builder and customer. Sean follows up by measuring the job and we all help the customer with the tile selection. From there we order such things as Wedi board panels, shower bases, niches and Schluter bars. Along with Ditra, P151 thinset and 254 mortar. When everything arrives, Sean coordinates the whole project with the customer/contractor and the installer to make the magic happen. 

At the end we see the customer walk in with a smile on their face and a picture on their phone with the final result. Sean is extremely happy that the customers (now friends) are thrilled. Then on to the next project, hopefully yours?